Turnkey Manufacturing

Production can start just 60-120 days from receipt of your order depending on the complexity of the product and tooling involved.

If IRD designs your product who could build it better, get it to market faster, and provide service and tech support when needed? We can prepare for production during the design cycle to save valuable time.

Your products are delivered inspected, tested, and 100% guaranteed. We specialize in low to medium quantity production runs.

Benefits of Turnkey Manufacturing

  • No Factory or Workers Required
  • No Materials Inventory Overhead
  • Get Product for Quoted Price, No Surprises
  • Allows You to Focus on Marketing and Sales


  • PCBs 2-16 Layers
  • SMT, Through Hole, Mixed Technology, and Complex PCB Hand Assembly
  • Complete Metal Capabilities and Tooling
  • Injection Molding and Tooling
  • Custom Wiring Harnesses
  • Complete Visual and Electronic product Testing
  • Graphics Design for Packaging, Sales Literature and Instruction Sheets
  • Custom Packaging